Traces Of WW2 and DDR In The Harz Mountains

Welcome on my New Blog: Traces of WW2 and DDR In The Harz Mountains

In 2017 I choose the Harz Mountains in Germany to be my new temporary home.  I have a small Bead and Breakfast and do my journalist geopolitical job from here.  

Whilst driving around the region, I discovered many so-called lost-places. Abandoned factories from the “Luftwaffe”  or Werk Tanne a big defense industry complex from WW2, sanatoriums,  bunkers, train stations, SS and STASI headquarters and training facilities. Also, the famous “Brocken”, once the border between the DDR and West-Germany. This is just a small collection of what I already found and will discover the coming time. I would like to share these nearly forgotten places with you in my new blog before it is all gone.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this new blog and share with me all the lost places I will discover here. Thanks for reading.

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